Airport Approved Outfits!

With spring break coming up and so many people taking trips, I thought it would be good time to discuss one of my biggest fashion pet peeves: how people dress at the airport.  While I truly understand the idea of being comfortable when flying, I cringe at the idea that somewhere along the road people decided that comfortable meant unkempt.

I’ve mentioned this before but fashion is so much more than the brand you wear or what people think of you. You’d be surprised at how much better you feel when you’re put together and (while I don’t agree with people ever treating anyone badly regardless of how they’re dressed) how much better you’re treated especially in regards to service.

While I also do believe that spending a little more money on investment pieces is worth every penny, dressing well does not mean spending a ton. There are ways to look good while being comfortable and economical.  I’ve put together 3 airport approved outfits that will have you looking good and feeling good, too!

Airport attire

I am loving the fact that backpacks are in right now. They’re stylish and convenient! Not to mention, with the weight distributed on both shoulders they can actually be less painful. I love this dress because it’s got a relaxed fit which provides a lot of comfort but makes it seem like you actually put some thought into your outfit!

Airport outfit part 2

I can’t believe this t-shirt is only $12 at H&M! I am a big fan of the t-shirt and jeans look and when you put it together with a cute bag, hat and jacket, it’ll leave you feeling like your street style is seriously on point.

Airport outfit

Ah, I love thee.  I bought the most adorable pair of overalls by black orchid last year and i’m seriously obsessed.  Remember how comfy overalls were when we were younger? Now that they’re trending again, it’s time to take advantage. Pair it with a long black vest and some adorable chunky heels and you’re good to go!

PS-I have this Diane von Furstenberg suitcase in gold and black and i’m seriously obsessed with it. It’s amazing how classy you can feel with cute luggage! But hint hint: I got mine at Marshall’s at a discounted price 🙂




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