The Modern Fanny Pack

Remember when we were kids, and we made fun of adults who wore fanny packs? Well, the joke was on us because they are awesome.  Living in Chicago, I do quite a bit of walking and recently I was walking to the store and thought about how annoying it was to carry my entire purse when all I really needed was my credit card.  Not to mention, if you’re doing a full day of walking whether it’s to explore, shop, etc. it gets a little painful on the shoulders and back to carry a bag all day.  That’s the day I decided I’m bringing fanny pack’s back! But this time, they’ll be in the form of a belt bag. This was the best decision I’ve made in a while. They’re stylish and it’s taken so much stress off of my shoulders.

Check out the way I styled the two I’ve recently purchased.  Below i’ve linked some additional options that I love! Let me know if you would wear them below in the comments.


NordstromMichael Kors


Halston Heritage            Rebecca Minkoff                     Forever 21


One Comment Add yours

  1. Julie Perulli says:

    I love them all! I didn’t see myself rocking one until I saw how you styled it. I guess it’s time for my first fanny pack! Haha

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